Now, it may be that you have noticed that I have a, perhaps higher than typical, percentage of ruby rings in my collection. I find it very difficult to resist rubies and I want to share with you why that might be so you, too, can wonder at their beauty.

Most importantly, the gorgeous colors speak to me in all their variations from pinkish purple to deep red to even orangy red. Rubies are dichroic, with two colors that can be seen as you tip the stone back and forth or through an instrument called a dichroscope, which makes them very satisfying to gaze at. No two are quite alike in the combination and intensity of the color they display (which leads to avid collecting, I'm afraid). The color also appears different depending on the lighting, making rubies fun to play with indoors and out.

Rubies are very hard, which makes them difficult to scratch and therefore a perfect gemstone for a ring. At least for me, as I always seem to be hard on my hands, gardening, cleaning and whatnot. I don't always remember to take my rings off. Please remember to take your rings off!

There is a long history and many stories associated with rubies - they seem to spark off dreams of fabulous wealth and are sweetly mysterious, coming from deep within the earth. They have been mined and fashioned into jewelry for thousands of years. I will relate some ruby stories in future posts, I promise!

Rubies are, of course, highly valued for all of these reasons. This, along with a relative scarcity (which may soon be amended by a fantastic recent find in eastern Africa of some wonderfully rich deposits) places them high on the list of the most valuable gemstones in the world.

Doesn't all this make you want one? Now you know why I have so many!